Quartz Labware

Thermal Properties

Thermal Conductivity1.38(W/m°K)
Coefficient Of t\Thermal Expansion(0~1000°C)0.55(10-6/°C)
Normal Operating Temperature Continuous Usage~1050°C
Non Continuous Usage~1250°C
Strain Point~1075°C
Annealing Point~1180°C
Hot Pressing Temperature~1700°C - 2100°C
Devitrification TemperatureStarting at ~1000° C. high temperature accelerates Devitrification, especially with surface contaminants such as alkaline solution, salts and vapors.

Physical Properties

Units of Measure Value
Density gm/cc (lb/ft3) 2.2
Porosity %(%) 0
Tensible Strength 106 Pa 48.3
Young's Modulus 106 Pa 71.7
Hardness Kg/mm2 600
Thermal Conductivity W/m°K 1.38
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10-6/°C 0.55
Specific Heat J/Kg.°K 740
Dieletric Strength Ac-kv/mm (volts/mil) 30
Dieletric Constant @1MHz 3.82
Index of refraction @ 587.6nm -- 1.4585