Ants manufacture Oxide Ceramic components of Alumina, Fused Silica, Zirconia, Zircon and their composites by Powder Compaction, Injection Molding, Iso-static Pressing, Slip Casting and Gel Casting.

Ants has created capabilities for micro-machining of sintered ceramic blocks of various materials like ZTA, Zirconia, SiC, AlN, BN, MACOR, PBN, Silicon Nitride, Quartz and various grades of alumina. With this facility Ants is now offering machining of ceramics in shapes and profiles just like metals. As with other products of Ants, this is one of its only kind of facility in India.

With a rich background in research and product development Ants has developed one of the world's widest and finest range of ceramic laboratory wares. The alumina labware (Crucibles, Trays, Boats etc.) developed by Ants are among the best in 99.7% alumina category and have become a global product to benchmark with. Apart from catering to Indian demand for laboratory wares and services, the company is exporting its range of products to USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, UK and Japan.

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